December 11, 2009
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Something Special for Families

a unique community marketing program

Create and Print Unlimited Child ID Cards

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custom id cards for kids

Provide free child id cards to families in your community. You take portrait photos of the children with your digital camera and produce complete id cards on your home or office printer.

unique marketing program

Generate goodwill in your community by providing an important safety resource to families.

customer acquisition

Expand your customer base by bringing families from your community to your website and business location.


Create child id cards quickly and easily with our id card creation platform.


Print color id cards on your inkjet or laser printer.


Deliver id cards to families and promote your business.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Law Enforcement Organizations of America recommend photo identification cards as a primary child safety resource.

Community Marketing Program

Program Advantages

Over 30 ID Card Designs that Kids Love...

... and Your Logo on the front of every ID Card

How to Reach Families in your Community

Community Events are a very effective and affordable way of marketing your business. Highly trafficked events such as fairs, farmers markets, and music festivals ensure that you will have a captive audience of families.

Use our community event guidelines to the right to prepare and plan for crowds.

TIPS: Planning for Community Events

  • -Have plenty of paper intake forms ready to collect child information
  • -Display our card catalog so kids can pick their id card design when in line
  • -Have adequate staff
  • -Know your equipment

Program Benefits at Events

  • Explode traffic to your booth
  • Transition event traffic into a visit to your community location
  • Create customer database with permission for future contact
  • Leverage sponsorship to reduce costs and increase visibility

Entice families to visit your retail location by advertising your free id card program.

Both you and the community will win when you provide this important safety resource to each child that enters your store.

Get the word out about the program through:

  • Your Website
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Window Signage
  • Press Releases
  • Print Media
  • Your Current Marketing Channels

Add our order widget to your website to generate traffic and interest from internet users across the world. Our online card creation widget is not a gimmick, but a very useful service that will create a buzz online and keep visitors returning to your site.

Add our order widget to your website to generate traffic and interest from internet users across the world. Our online card creation widget is not a gimmick, but a very useful service that will create a buzz online and keep visitors returning to your site.

Want to market by email but don't have a great lead-in? Tell families that their free custom child id cards are ready for pick-up at your location. That is sure you be a welcome message in their inbox.

CreateIDs helps you stay in contact with your customers by:

  • Growing your contact database
  • Providing a wonderful incentive for families to visit your website or location
  • Producing something that of value that you can share

Our Technology

We have developed a web-based program that makes it easy for businesses and non-profit organizations to create and print child id cards. The process is simple and allows you to create low cost child id cards without specialized equipment.

Our system produces brilliant color id cards using an inkjet or laser print, widely available adhesive labels, and industry standard credit-card-sized plastic card blanks.

The completed child id cards are colorful, durable, and a unique family keepsake.

How it Works: Creating Child ID Cards

Pricing: Affordable Community Marketing

what does 10 cents buy?

...a personalized child id card, printed using our advanced internet platform.

...a relationship with a family, as a business that cares about kids, and considers the community as a partner.

...a visit to your website when a family personalizes a child id card, as well as a visit to your location when they come to pick up their card.

...a business card that never gets thrown away. Because your logo is on the front of every child id card that you print. introduction with every family member, friend, and relative that sees that id card and appreciates the novel and effective approach that you have taken to protect kids.

...permission to email your growing contact database, thereby increasing sales opportunities and helping you reach your business goals.

Our Company

We are all about protecting kids. We have been doing just that for over ten years now by producing high quality, kid friendly child id cards.

We want you to be about protecting kids, too. In the interest of protecting kids, we have created a community marketing program that combines our passion for child safety with your desire to increase your business revenue through customer acquisition.

The results are simply stunning.

We know that you care about kids in your community. Share that with the families in your city through the simple and considerate gesture of providing an important child safety resource. We promise to help you along every step of the way.

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